Episode 2

July 26, 2022


The Matrix is REAL, and you're STUCK in it

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Mark Cuda
The Matrix is REAL, and you're STUCK in it
The Real MC
The Matrix is REAL, and you're STUCK in it

Jul 26 2022 | 01:06:33


Show Notes

What is 'The Matrix'? No, not the 199 sci-fi thriller, but the REAL LIFE Matrix that controls everything you think is real?

And more importantly, what can you do to unplug?

Today's episode of 'The Real MC' is all about unveiling the real world matrix that rules the world, identifying it's influence on your life, and most importantly, breaking free.


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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 Real MC on today's episode of the real MC we're talking about the matrix. No, not the famous science fiction movie from 1999, but the real life matrix that all of us are stuck inside and need to escape. We'll also talk about how, even if this matrix is completely benign, as some of my skeptical friends may think you should still care. And lastly, we'll discuss some ideas and strategies for recognizing that matrixes influence in your life and learning to unplug. So if you, my friend are ready to take the red pill and escape the matrix, stay tuned for episode two of the real MC roll that intro. Speaker 0 00:00:58 Welcome to the real MC with your host, mark Kuda, are you the real MC of your life, the master of ceremonies, the creator builder, architect, and driver, or are you a slave to the matrix? What mysteries from our past and visions of our future, can we lean on to unlock paradise? Let's find out and break out together with the ideas, strategies, and tactics to help you live the life you were designed for a life of purpose, prosperity and passion. Tell me what it takes to welcome to episode two of the real MC I'm your host, mark Kuda. And today we're talking about the matrix, but before we go any further, I'd like to thank our sponsors for today's show ancient strength and ancestral fuel the ultra premium animal based protein powder that helps you unplug from the matrix more about ancient strength and ancestral fuel. Speaker 0 00:02:13 Later on in the show. Now, today we are talking about the matrix and when I say that, most of you probably immediately think about the 1999 sci-fi adventure thriller, the matrix, starring Keanu Reeves as Neo or the one. And in some ways we are talking about that movie. But in reality, what we're talking about is the general philosophy of how we live in a dream world, a non-reality that is designed to keep you where you are and keep you from where you should be. That is what we are talking about on today's show. So to make a few things clear and to explain what we are not referring to, I am not saying that our real bodies are in some VA of goose somewhere <laugh> and we are plugged into a dream, an actual dream world. I'm also not saying that we live in a simulated reality, as some might think, as Elon Musk has talked about. Speaker 0 00:03:17 As many people call it, the simulation theory, I am not purporting either of those two theories as reality, although who the hell knows at this point, what I am saying is that we live in a dream world of sorts, a far structure of trade food, medicine, healthcare, media money, essentially the zeitgeist, the prevailing and dominant narrative that we are fed from the top down. That is what I define as the matrix. It is the overall framework that reality sits upon. But that framework, that world that is sold to you is a lie. The problems in that world oftentimes don't exist. And when they do, they're amplified to keep you involved. The programming that comes from media, the poisoned food that comes from all sorts of sources, which we'll get into a little bit later in the show. There's so many areas where the matrix touches your life. Speaker 0 00:04:25 And that is what this episode of the real MC is about. I wanna talk about what the matrix does to you and what you can do to escape it. And for those of you who are watching on video, you are seeing an outline up on the screen. Why is that? Well, I talk too much. And, uh, I also forget my words often. And so it's important for me to keep this show on track and have an outline. And I thought to myself, why not share it with you? Beautiful folks. If you're listening on Spotify, apple music, or any of the other platforms on audio exclusively, you can head to mark kuda.com and access the show notes for today's episode, where you'll be able to see not only the outline, but also the links to some of the things that we're going to be discussing so that you can do some further research. Speaker 0 00:05:12 Again, this is just a primer. I am not attempting to explain everything about this real world matrix that we live in, nor am I saying that I have all the answers or the understandings to begin with. However, I do want this episode to serve as a primer for what this show is ultimately about. This show is ultimately about helping you see through the matrix, Pierce the veil, look behind the curtain at the wizard of Oz and see what is really going on and whether it's benign or not is relevant. Some of my friends, my skeptical friends, like to say that there's nothing wrong in the world or that if you just don't look at it, it's not there. And while that's not true, that is also not the point of this show. The point of this show is not to convince you that something evil is occurring. Speaker 0 00:05:59 What it is designed to do is help you understand that if you don't control your world, somebody else will. And even if they have what they think are your best interests at heart, they ultimately can't have your best interest at heart because they are not you and only, you know, what is best for you because you are the only person living your experience. So again, to recap, as I put it, the matrix is not a dream world where our real bodies are swimming in goo. It is also not a simulated reality where none of this is real. What I am saying is that what you are fed by the general zeitgeist or pop culture of the world is a lie, is a matrix designed to keep you consuming, to keep you docile, to keep you from creating the life that you want. Because again, if everyone was sovereign, then who would rule us and if we didn't need rulers, what would the rulers be doing? Speaker 0 00:07:01 If we didn't need big pharma, where would they get all the money for their six yachts? Okay. That is the point of today's episode. And that is what we're talking about. So that is what the matrix is. But let's talk a little bit about how far it has spread. Now, there's a really great primer that I would like to discuss with you all called the bite model. I'm actually gonna pull this up on my screen. So if you are listening on audio, I do recommend that you watch this show on video, if possible, or at the very least get those show notes so that you can interact a little bit more, uh, uh, you know, <laugh>, you can interact a little bit more with the show. I'm not gonna edit this out guys. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time for that. Um, so the bite model, the bite model, what is it? Speaker 0 00:07:50 The bite model is a model of control that high control groups have been using for years. In fact, my time growing up as a Jehovah's witness exposed me to this bite model of authoritarian control. Now, bite is an acronym that stands for behavior control, information control, thought control, and emotional control. And the reason why I'm bringing this up first is because of the fact that once you understand how systems of control are architected, you can begin to see the places where that control is applied in reality. So we're just gonna pull out a couple of these, um, areas here. So under behavior control, regulate individual's physical reality. Does that sound familiar in the last two and a half years? Has your physical reality been regulated in any way? Have you been told where to go? Where not to go? Where to be? Well, look at number two on this list, dictate where how, and with whom the member lives and associates or isolates. Speaker 0 00:08:56 Hmm. Sounds very familiar. Financial exploitation, manipulation of dependence. Do you see that in our world? I think so. Threatening harm to family and friends. Do you see that happening in our world? Do you see the power structures implementing rigid rules and regulations? I think it's safe to say that behavior control is one of the main tools used, but not actually the most insidious tool that is used by the matrix. Moving on. Let's talk a little bit about information control deception has information ever been distorted to make it more acceptable? Do you see systematic lying to people in the world? Do you see a minimization or a discouragement of access to non-approved sources of information, including things on the internet, TV, radio, books, articles, newspapers, magazines, critical information, anyone who's no longer part of the group. Are you ever discouraged to associate with them? Uh, don't hang around UN vaccinated people. Uh, you can't hang around, right? Wingers. Ah, you can't hang around left wingers. Okay. This is not a right wing show. This is a reality show. So all you right? Wingers who won't hang out with your liberal friends, liberal friends. I can't speak today because you don't like the things that they believe. Speaker 0 00:10:29 Are you doing them a favor? Are you truly helping them unplug from the matrix? I don't know. It's good to ask yourself. That question thought control. Do you see the prevailing narrative of this world tell you that you must internalize these doctrines as truth. Do you see black and white thinking promoted in Hollywood movies in news media, by the healthcare systems. This is the cure. This is not the cure. We won't go too, too deep into this spike model stuff, because we're gonna talk about a lot of these specifics individually, but I wanted to give you guys a high level overview. The last one is emotional control. Do you ever see that your feelings are manipulated or the range of feelings has been narrowed? Certain needs are deemed as selfish or wrong. If you want to go see your family, you are selfish. If you wanna breathe fresh air, you are selfish. Speaker 0 00:11:28 If you wanna decide for yourself how to eat, you want to eat grass fed meat that we are telling you destroys the planet. You are selfish. Do you see fear being weaponized? You shouldn't think independently. You shouldn't think about anything relating to the outside world because it's very scary. Everyone's your enemy. It's us versus them. Again, these are narratives that you are seeing played out on both sides of the aisle of the matrix. It's just two sides of the same coin. Steven Hasan is the researcher that popularized this bite model of authoritarian control. I'm leaving a link to the freedom of mind website, where you can learn more about the bite model on your own time. And I highly recommend that you do so we're gonna move on. But I, I wanted to cover that first because I want to give you kind of the broad stroke of methodology that the matrix uses to impart control over you. Speaker 0 00:12:35 So with the bite model in mind, let's talk about where we see the matrix. Now we're gonna talk about the big one. First, the elephant in the room. This is probably the part of the matrix that more people than any other part are aware of. And that is the big tech social media matrix. Now there's a vice article that was released a few years ago when vice was just a piece of garbage, not a piece of flaming garbage as it is now called your addiction to social media is no accident. They're using manipulative tricks from casinos among other things. And this article goes to talk about how, when the like button and further the dislike button were invented, it created an attention economy that went deeper than it ever had before that dopamine hit that you get when somebody likes your posts, or even when they dislike your post drives more attention towards the platform. Speaker 0 00:13:44 The attention economy describes the supply and demand of somebody's attention. And as this article talks about attentiveness is a human state in our reserves of attention are finite. Okay? We only have so much attention to give these social media platforms, big tech in general, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube. They are designed to create a feedback loop that keeps you on the platform for as long as possible. Why? Well, the simplest answer is greed. The more that you are on these platforms, the more that you scroll, the more ads that you are served, the more ads that you are served, the more money that Facebook or Google or anybody else earns, it's actually that simple, the more they keep you on the app, the more money they make. However, the way that they keep you on the app is by psychologically manipulating your attention. Often pointing you towards things that anger you just as much as they amuse you. Speaker 0 00:14:58 And in fact, it's been shown that these algorithms alternate positive and negative emotionally charged content regularly. So as to keep you ping ponging back and forth and never leaving the app, if they showed you things that you only things that you loved, eventually you would get your fill and leave. And if they showed you only things that you hate, you would eventually get tired of it and think that the app is a piece of garbage and you leave. So they all turn it and they fluctuate you up and down, up and down, up and down like cardiovascular training, sprinting, and then going back to a jog sprinting, and then going back to a jog, they do this, but they do it psychologically. This is one of the main tools of the matrix. And not only is it designed to keep you addicted and to keep you feeding their advertising matrix, but it also is used to program you with whatever popular culture agenda or propaganda is currently making the rounds. Speaker 0 00:16:03 Whether it's a news event, a popular culture event, like will Smith slapping Chris rock. Does anybody really care about that? No, but yet it's everywhere. Why? Because it keeps you sucked in. I guarantee you that 50 to 60% of the people who have the Ukraine flag in their profile picture, don't even know how to point out Ukraine on a map. I guarantee that they can't answer three cities in Ukraine, but yet they care why, because they were told to, does that mean that they shouldn't care? Not at all. It just means that they care. Not because they decided, but because someone else decided for them further, you think about movies like the social dilemma documentary that came out a few years ago on Netflix, about how these social media algorithms are to increase engagement. The goal is to increase usage and to make sure users continue scrolling. Speaker 0 00:17:03 The secondary goal is growth to ensure that people come back over and over and that they bring more and more people to the platform. And lastly, it's the advertisement goal make as much money as possible while those two things keep spinning upwards. But again, this is disinformation for profit business model. As Harris argued in the documentary, big tech social media is a tool, a neutral tool that can be used for good, but more often than not, it is used to manipulate your time, attention, your beliefs and your behaviors. If you think back to the bite model that we summarize at the beginning of this section of the show, does social media affect your behavior? Absolutely. Does, does affect the information that you are given access to? Absolutely. Does it affect your thoughts? <laugh> absolutely. You can't tell me that if you're a woman and you're scrolling through Facebook and you see a woman in a bikini who looks better than you, that that doesn't affect you. Speaker 0 00:18:09 And the same goes from men. You're at the early stages of your health journey and you still got a bit of rumble in your tummy. When you see a dude with six pack, abs, how does it make you feel better or worse? Maybe sometimes better and maybe sometimes worse and you should feel worse. But overall, when you think about the effect that social media has on you, does it affect your thoughts positively or negatively? The answer for most of us is negatively and emotions. Do you ever feel angry when you see something on social media offended, hurt, scared. Speaker 0 00:18:49 So this is just one area of the matrix, but you can see how it actually hits on all four areas of the bite model. It affects your behavior. It affects the information. You have access to the thoughts that you are thinking and the Infor. And excuse me, the emotions that you experience the bottom line is the bottom line. These platforms are not designed to connect you with others. If they were, you would see your friends and family on your feed and not ads and influencers selling you products. And again, I'm a free market capitalist. I'm an entrepreneur. I sell ancestral fuel on social media. So I am not saying that these aspects of reality are necessarily evil. What I am saying is that you best be aware of how they are affecting you so that you can adapt your usage and perspective towards these platforms. Speaker 0 00:19:45 So moving on, where else has the matrix spread? Where else do we see the matrix in our life? Let's talk a little bit about pop culture. It encompasses all entertainment, whether movies, TV shows, video games, music, sports, and the news media. Do we see the matrix in these areas of reality? And the answer is of course, yes. Why is it that in the last 10 years, more and more movies seem to have almost the exact same political and ideological agenda underlying the plot. Why are they elevating the same kinds of characters and reducing the same kinds of characters? Why is it that movies are becoming more and more violent, more and more profane, more and more sexually promiscuous? Is it just progressivism or is degrading society? When you go to see a movie and let's say you have made it a goal to, I'm gonna curse less, then you go see a funny movie and there's 600 F words. Hmm. Is that influencing you to curse less? Now I'm not saying that you should curse less or more. That's not the point of the analogy. The point is, are you being influenced by the media that you consume? Speaker 0 00:21:16 Are your children being influenced by woke propaganda that says that they're not a boy or a girl. Do you know what your children are watching? Do you know what your children are listening to? Speaking of listening to music, my wife and I listen to primarily old music, uh, whether it's older indie music from, you know, the late nineties or early two thousands or much, much older from the thirties, forties, fifties, the subject matter of music has changed tremendously. And whereas music used to be innocent and loving and positive. We now see a shift towards darker and darker themes, more and more selfish themes, promiscuous themes, violent themes. Speaker 0 00:22:16 If Mr. Sandman was the number one hit on the radio, how would that affect culture? It's a good question to ask. It's a good question to ask yourself, because some people will say, ah, you're just being approved. Am I or has violence increased and has violence violence promoted in movies? Sexual promiscuity has increased. Is that not promoted in music? Two parent households have decreased tremendously. Is that not promoted in the prevailing culture? Turning to the news? I don't even wanna spend a lot of time on this one. I think everybody listening to this show knows the news is fake on both sides of the aisle. Mind you, Fox is as fake as CNN. The news is not designed to tell you what is happening in the world. The news is designed to tell you what you're supposed to think, what you're supposed to be afraid of, who you're supposed to hate and what you are supposed to do. Speaker 0 00:23:20 The news is one of the greatest examples of the matrix you ever seen that video? I'll try to link to it in the show notes, but there's a famous video of a bunch of news stations, all saying the same thing. These are supposedly independent stations across the country, all speaking word for word, the exact same message. Do you find that to be dangerous? What if somebody got a hold of that and decided to program into you? What you're supposed to think, we're going back to the bite model, what you're supposed to do, what you're supposed to know, what you're supposed to think and what you're supposed to feel and what you're allowed to do know, think and feel moving on to education. The education system is so broken in this country and globally, but it's worse than that because not only are we getting dumber, you think about what we're actually learning. Speaker 0 00:24:18 Go back to your days in high school. Are you using the majority of what you learned? And in fact, did you learn all of the things that you needed to know in the first place? And if you're honest with yourself, the answer is no. Why is that? Why is it that so many things you needed to know about economics and taxes and budgeting and housekeeping and relationships and mental and emotional health and spiritual fitness and physical fitness. Why were so many of these important aspects of wellness left out of your education? If you graduated high school, that means you went through 13 years of education here in the United States, 13 years of education. That's more than doctors, but yet you leave high school and don't know how to keep a budget. Don't know how to manage conflict. Don't know the nature of money, the history of money. Speaker 0 00:25:19 Why is that? Is it education or is it training for you to join the matrix? The education system is simply not designed to make you smart. The education system is designed to make you a good worker. In fact, I forget who it was. Might have been one of the Rockefellers, but the man who donated a ton of money at the turn of the century, the turn of the 20th century to fund the education system specifically said that he wanted a nation of workers. And that is what they've given you, listen to your teachers, do what they say. Don't question authority, score well on these tests with predetermined questions and predetermined information that you can source for the answers to those questions. And when you graduate, you've gotta go to college. You gotta get that degree. You gotta go get a job. You gotta slave yourself away for the rest of your life. Speaker 0 00:26:17 Is that reality or is that the matrix? You be the judge moving on, let's talk about food and medicine. Nestle is one of my favorite examples. And if you're watching on video, I'm gonna pull up this amazing chart of all the companies that Nestle owns. And if you're not watching on video, check it out in the show notes. This is one company. Did you know that Nestle owns Sam Pellegrino and per air. These are competitors in the same space. They also own Ovaltine as well as NES quick, playing both sides, looking further. There's hundreds of food companies that are owned by one organization. Now, is that a bad thing and of itself? No, but what happens when this one organization spends millions of dollars to lobby the government to regulate to hell everybody who isn't them and subsidize all of their behavior. What happens when this one company decides to put profits over people and scale over health? Speaker 0 00:27:25 What results is an architecture of food that is poisoned from the start? And when all the power of the food is in the hands of the few, it only takes one or two bad apples, or at least just greedy apples to result in an entire world of broken food. We're seeing this push towards synthetic food. That's devoid of real nutrients, soluble foods, fake vitamins, as opposed to real vitamin content in actually digestible food, fake meat bugs. <laugh> this whole bug thing is insane. Fake milk, fake cheese, fake food, boxed foods. How are these part of the matrix? Well, when you don't eat food, that is healthful your body deteriorates and when your body deteriorates. So do your faculties and when your faculties deteriorate, so does your ability to be sovereign. Speaker 0 00:28:39 And so you continue to consume not to mention these foods are filled to the brim with additives and artificial flavors and sweeteners that besides being terrible for you are also highly addictive, just like those social media algorithms. So when you eat an Oreo, you want to eat another Oreo, which is terrible for you and amazing for Nabisco. You start to see the pattern, your attention, your money, your time is being weaponized against you. You are being sucked into a vortex of behaving in a way that suits the narrative, the prevailing and dominant structure on which reality is built. Let's talk a little bit about big pharma and healthcare. Now, I don't wanna get too conspiratorial on this show, at least on this episode. And many others have talked at length about this topic. So I just wanna touch on it briefly, but healthcare is ultimately a for-profit business, especially in the United States. Speaker 0 00:29:41 And there are massive, massive profits that are generated by the healthcare system. You think about the stipends that hospitals received for COVID patients that alone should prove to you that the healthcare system is not designed to make you well, but rather to keep you as a patient, there's a very famous quote. I don't remember who it's attributed to, but that sick care leads to continued profit and healthcare leads to a lost customer. If the pharmaceutical companies actually helped you holistically heal, you would no longer need the drugs that they're prescribing you. They'd much rather you take the drug and solve the symptom, then change the root. And this is a great analogy for the matrix in general, the matrix trades, the hard work of finding real balance and real health for the instant gratification and convenience of a pill or a potion or a program that masks the symptoms. Speaker 0 00:30:41 And unfortunately whether it's benign or not, it's real. And so it's up to you to decide if you're gonna take your head out of the sand or continue to say that ignorance is bliss. The business of being born is an amazing documentary that I would highly recommend that you watch. It's all about how birth, which is a natural, beautiful thing has been weaponized and turned into this industry that is driven by profit. Did you know that women are not supposed to give birth on their back? It leads to far more complications, but it's much easier for the doctors. It helps them push epidurals, which cost thousands and thousands of dollars. It actually makes birth more painful, which makes you want to have the chemicals and pain medications. Think about that for thousands of years, for all of human history, the majority of human history women gave birth, either in water, using gravity to their advantage or standing up. Speaker 0 00:31:41 Of course, now we're seeing people fight back against this with the natural birth movement. My wife has given birth three children, our three children, our, our first born son, as well as our twins that are almost a year old naturally at home with a midwife. It cost less money. Took less time, caused less stress and created much more joy. Now I'm not saying that you have to have a natural birth or that if you didn't have a natural birth, you made a mistake. But what I am saying is that this is another example of the matrix in action. Moving on to politics and government. Again, I don't wanna belabor this. I don't wanna talk too much on these topics that I know most of you listening probably are already aware of, but politics is as dirty as it gets. The back door deals. The lobbying, the dirty regulations. Speaker 0 00:32:38 Politics is not about giving the people a voice it's about maintaining the status quo. It's about giving you the illusion of choice while in reality, the narrative shifts, but never changes. Politics is a wonderful example of how the matrix controls your perception of reality without the government. What would the world look like? Maybe we'll talk about that on another episode. Not that I'm saying anarchy should be the way, although <laugh> perhaps, but what I am saying is that as it stands, the government is not inherently designed to make your life better. You think about the global and centralized control push. Is this making the world better or is it minimizing the voices of the people you think about taxes? How is it that you're taxed upon taxed upon tax? However, the roads still don't get repaired and the educational system is still broken, but Nancy Pelosi can buy a 20 million house in Naples, strange, even Trump with all of his gold toilets. Speaker 0 00:33:55 You think about regulations, HOAs. Why is it that you can't have a garden in your front yard or your community will crack down on you? The city's zoning laws, permission based living can't grow your own food. Can't generate your own power. You can't connect disconnect from the grid. In many places, it's actually illegal to collect rainwater. Can you believe that illegal to collect water that comes from the sky and yet in places like California, at times it's illegal to water your plants with the water they give you. Hmm. Who's benefiting from this. It's certainly not you moving to spirituality. Speaker 0 00:34:49 That's a topic that we need to dive deeper into, but the downfall of traditionalism and the rise of postmodernism, I encourage you to do some research on this particular topic and think deeply on whether the postmodern movement has pulled you, your family, and those around you, deeper into the matrix or not do the ideas of postmodernism promote in you, peace and hope and faith and love, or do they promote nihilism, extremism, fear, pessimism questions to ask what it really comes down to is that the prevailing zeitgeist, which zeitgeist for those of you, who aren't familiar with the term is typically referred to as the spirit of the age, where the invisible agent or force dominating the characteristics of a given epoch in world history. The prevailing zeitgeist of our world is designed to keep you docile, to keep you consuming, to keep you spending your money, to keep you confused, to keep you sick, to keep you lost. Speaker 0 00:36:18 As we've talked about, the matrix exists everywhere, big tech and social media, pop culture, education, food, medicine, politics, government spirituality. The world that we live in is manipulated. It is a far, it is a spoon fed program, a narrative that is delivered to you that you are indoctrinated with. And then if you dare to question, you are called a conspiracy theorist, a term that was coined by the CIA to discredit people who disagreed with the propaganda. Now talking about propaganda, we've gotta go a lot deeper in other episodes around the idea of propaganda, what it stems from and the examples showing that propaganda is in fact alive and well on both sides of the aisle here in the United States and globally. But we'll save that for another episode. What I wanna talk about now is why does the matrix exist? Because everything that I've just laid out, you could easily say, well, that's just life. Speaker 0 00:37:35 We're imperfect humans. We're doing our best. It's mostly good people running these organizations. They just don't know. As we learn, we progress, et cetera, etcetera, et cetera. And that may be true, but it goes without saying that the matrix exists regardless of whether or not you think that it does. So the question is, why does it exist? And the simplest answer is power and greed. The more that the narrative is controlled and centralized, the more money that the few at the top make that the big corporations can pull in. The more time that you spend scrolling through the app store and buying things, the more money that apple makes, the more time that you spend on Instagram, the more money that Facebook makes serving ads. The more time you spend in a big, complicated grocery store, where the aisles of processed food, dominate the fresh food on the outskirts of the store, the more money that they make on these high priced high profit margin, low quality cheap make foods. Speaker 0 00:38:37 And in terms of government politics, media, look at the power that the governments have who gave them that power. Did you, did you ever sign a paper that said you are allowed to tell me what to do when warehouse, et cetera, you own this land unless I buy it from you. Hmm. Questions to ask, but power and greed are obvious parts of this structure. They're obvious reasons for why the matrix exists, but is there more, does it go deeper than just power and greed? Is it benign? I have a question for you. If you think that it is benign. As I know, some of my listeners will be thinking if it were, why would they be weaponizing? Fear? Why would fear be the dominant emotion that the news media, that the politicians, the government in general, that Hollywood, that big tech is pushing down your throat afraid of. Speaker 0 00:39:47 COVID afraid of monkeypox afraid of Russia, afraid of China, afraid of Trump, afraid of Biden, afraid of God, afraid of Satan, do not see how everything is. Fear driven is fear ever benign. And there are darker. Still. You hear the terms, spiritual warfare being thrown around a lot. You think about transhumanism AI technologies, the new world order globalism agenda. If you don't know about any of these, I highly encourage you to do some research. It's outside of the scope of this episode of the podcast. But if you think that there are not darker possibilities, I would encourage you to think about vibes. I bet all of you who think that the matrix is benign are the same people who say, ah, I can't hang around with people who talk about conspiracy theories, cuz their vibe is so bad. Well by that a mission you yourself are saying that negative energy exists. Speaker 0 00:40:47 And if there is a high and there is a low then who is the low, who is the negative, who are the darker forces questions to ask? I wanna talk briefly about how you can spot the influence of the matrix in your life. There's a couple of key points. One pay attention to how you feel when watching a show. When listening to a song, when scrolling through social media, when eating your meals, how do you feel? If you feel negative, ask yourself, why am I feeling negative? Because I'm bumping against the limits of my comfort zone and what I'm learning or am I feeling negative? Because they are telling me to feel negative. When do you feel pressure? Do you feel pressured to conform, pressured to speak a certain way, to act a certain way, to think a certain way, to feel a certain way. Speaker 0 00:41:46 Going back to the bite mot, when something is pressuring you, giving you only one correct option and saying that all others are false. That is an alarm bell. That is the matrix in action. Take this to heart, apply it in your life. Think about this. When you feel pressured to behave a certain way, that is inherently what the matrix is. And there are many opinions and many sides to the matrix, but they all do the same thing. They control the way that you behave, the information that you have access to the thoughts you think and the emotions that you feel. You can also spot the matrix. Whenever you notice that quality is being switched out for convenience. You think about the instant gratification economy. It's a great example of the matrix. Switching quality for convenience, whenever something switches quality for convenience, that's a good indicator that it belongs to the matrix. Speaker 0 00:42:50 And then the last point, look at the things that you deeply desire, that it seems almost impossible to attain such as a healthy relationship, a belief in God, a healthy body, independence, wealth, the ability to speak freely. Do you notice that these things are so hard to attain and yet your soul calls for them constantly. This is a great way, a very powerful way to spot the matrix in action when your soul leaps for something that reality refuses to give you that is a great indicator. That very likely the matrix is playing a role in keeping you from what your true soul's desire is, what your true purpose in life is. So to recap, we've talked about what the matrix is. We've talked about how far it has spread and how deep it has spread. In reality, we've talked a little bit about why it exists and we've also talked about how you can spot its influence to recap that again, think about how you feel when you interact with the outside world. Speaker 0 00:44:20 Think about when you feel pressured to behave a certain way, to think a certain way, to feel a certain way. Notice when quality is swapped out for convenience. And lastly, look at what you love that is so difficult to achieve. These tools will help you start to notice the matrix in your life. And I have a couple of examples of this as well that we'll talk about now, as we continue on and talk about why you should care. I wanna briefly touch on a concept that I've loved for a number of years now called the wellness wheel. The wellness wheel is a tool for self exploration that you can use to help you survey your choices or situations that impact your overall wellness. There are eight aspects, eight dimensions of wellness that are interconnected and equally important. And the goal is to balance your wellness wheel. Speaker 0 00:45:14 For those of you watching on video, I've got the wellness wheel up on the screen here. And for those of you who aren't again, check out them, show [email protected] episode two of the real LMC, but looking at the wellness wheel, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness, intellectual wellness, occupational wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, and spiritual wellness, of course last but not least spiritual wellness. This wellness wheel is a tool you can use to help you take stock of how balanced your health is your overall wellness as a human. Now, why am I bringing that up now while we're discussing why you should care about the existence of the matrix? Well, because the matrix is not designed to help you actualize yourself in these areas of wellness, but yet it is these areas of wellness that will lead to purpose, prosperity passion, which is what this show is all about, about becoming the person that you desire to be the person that you were put on this earth to become the wellness wheel shows how you should be. Speaker 0 00:46:27 And as we've discussed in this episode, the matrix is not getting you there. In fact, the matrix is taking you in the opposite direction. So why should you care that the matrix exists? Why should you care that these systems are damaging your life and your health <laugh>? Well, I just gave you the answer and the wellness wheel shows all of these areas of your life that are being damaged by the matrix. And once you become aware, you've taken the first step to taking that power back. You should care because the matrix trades wellness for profit and immediacy, instant gratification is the name of the game. Video's getting shorter photos being swapped for videos. We need captions now cuz nobody even listens to anything. Do not see how over time. Our attention span has been truncated. Healthful foods have become less and less plentiful because we Uber everything. Speaker 0 00:47:30 When you need to know something, you don't go to a book and read it and research you don't go to God or go into meditation or go into nature and search for the answers within yourself or within ancient wisdom. Instead you go to Dr. Google and in two seconds you have your answer. I wanna share a brief story to drive this point home. The other day, I was laying on the couch with my three year old son and we were watching Rollie polio, Oli <laugh>, which if you are, I don't know between the ages of 25 and 35, you probably grew up watching Rollie polio. If not, it was a cartoon on the Disney channel made for toddlers and, and young children. Um, and it's a little robot family living in this kind of traditional, almost 1950s style world of little robots. And Oli is the main character of this show. Speaker 0 00:48:20 And this story's not actually about roll PO Oli, but I was laying on the couch, watching this show with my son and noticing the way that only was behaving and making comparisons to the way that my three year old behaves. And I thought to myself, wow, this kid actually behaves pretty similar to my three year old <laugh> and he's definitely older. I wonder how old he is in this show. I wonder how mature my kid is. And I thought to myself, oh, just Google it and see how old OIE is. And then I caught myself and I went, geez, why don't we think a little bit? So instead I, I sat there and I watched him. I watched the words that he used, the, the maturity of the concepts that he understood the fears and excitements that he had, what he was doing with his time and started to paint the picture. Speaker 0 00:49:09 And I said, you know, he's gotta be at least this old because he is doing this. He can't be older than that because he's doing this. And my guess is he's probably about eight years old is what I thought to myself after about three minutes of thinking now, why am I bringing this up? What does this have to do with why you should care about the matrix? Well, here's the thing. If I had just gone to Google and looked up how old is old Lee and Rollie Pollie, then I would never have exercised my brain. And as I thought through this, I could literally feel the gears turning. I could feel more neural connections being made, new thoughts, being fed to me that I wouldn't have ever exercised. Had I just gone to Google now multiply that by every time you Google something every day and every day that you have ever Googled, <laugh> thousands, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of searches that you have made in your lifetime that have robbed you of doing the work, the cognitive exercise, that results in an increase in your cognition, an increase in your happiness and increase in your abilities. Speaker 0 00:50:17 Again, the matrix trades, wellness strength for profit and immediacy. We think about our Uber, everything. Society need a meal, just Uber. It cost twice as much, and it's gonna come cold and missing half the things you ordered, but Hey, at least you just had to pressure a couple of buttons instead of learn how to cook or go to the market and buy some fresh food. Again, these things are costing you, your cognitive ability, your physical health, instead of Googling something. Why not talk about it with a friend or a family member? The matrix is taking those relationships from you too. So why should you care? It's obvious it's being weaponized against you. You think about Facebook and how Facebook listens to you. They say that they don't, but they do. You talk about our cruise one time and then you get ads for cruises for the next 16 weeks. Is that serving you some may say yes, but I say, no, you are being manipulated psychologically to serve the interest of somebody who is not you. Speaker 0 00:51:18 That is why you should care. Am I saying that technology is evil? No is a gun evil? No. A weapon is neutral. It's who's using the weapon and how they're using the weapon. That makes it a good or a bad thing. And you need to care because these systems that are in place are not designed to teach you how to live a better life. They're designed to keep you sick, docile and running around in a circle, like a rat on a hamster wheel, feeding the structure rather than feeding your own sovereignty. And lastly, echo, chambers and silos are very dangerous and the matrix is designed to keep you in whatever silo it thinks you belong in. So it plays all of the sides, keeps everybody in their little side, warring against all of the other tribes. Do you not see it? If you don't open your eyes because it's simply reality. Speaker 0 00:52:33 So why should you care? The matrix is destroying your life, whether you realize it or not. And whether it's benign neutral, somewhat positive with negative aspects or run by a cabal of Luciferian, blood drinking, Satan worshipers, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because it's affecting you negatively regardless. Look back at your wellness wheel. How is the matrix affecting you in those areas of wellness? Figure it out and act. So what can we do about it? It's been a pretty somber show so far, we've talked about what the matrix is and how it controls everything in reality, how far it's spread, how deep and wide it is. We've talked about how you can notice it. And of course the more that you notice it, and the more that you think about this, the more that you're gonna realize that you are controlled by the matrix. And that's a very scary, sobering and sad thought, but this show is not a show. Speaker 0 00:53:44 We have to outline the realities before we can start talking about what to do about it, right? You have to accept that there's a problem before you can do something. This is part of like the typical structure of getting over an addiction. For example, you, you can't stop drinking too much alcohol. If you don't realize that you're drinking too much alcohol. So that's, that's the first step. And that's what primarily this episode is about, is laying, laying out the framework for you to think through these ideas and for you to begin the process of understanding the world that we really live in and how it's affecting you. And I know it's a little bit all over the place. You know, this is my first solo podcast of all time. So bear with me. We talked about a lot of things, but that's because there's a lot of aspects of this. Speaker 0 00:54:33 And in later episodes of this show, we'll go deeper. But like I said, this is a positive, optimistic show designed to help you become the real MC to help you live that life of purpose, prosperity and passion. Now, before we go any further and talk about what you can do to escape the matrix, I wanna talk about just one aspect of matrix escaping. And that is ancestral fuel by ancient strength, which is the sponsor of today's show. Now, as some of you may be aware, I am the founder and creator of ancient strength in our first product ancestral fuel, which is an ultra premium animal based protein powder designed to help you improve your digestion while you build more muscle. Four years ago, when I was at the brink in my health journey, I discovered ancestral nutrition and I discovered bone broth. And I went on this strict diet for almost six months of almost entirely bone broth, stewed meats, and eggs. Speaker 0 00:55:37 And this contrarian animal based diet not only healed my gut, but it gave me back my vigor for life. And when I healed, I decided to start drinking protein powder, but ALA, no matter what I did, I could not find a protein powder that ticked all the boxes made in the USA designed by a con a company that had the values and the morals that I believed in moving to the product that was made of ultra premium, the highest quality in greens possible that had no emulsifiers additives, artificial sweeteners, or any other junk. And also that tasted good and mixed well. And that's why I spent the last two and a half years developing ancestral fuel it's made with only six simple ingredients, grass fed, pasteurized, beef, protein, bone broth, protein, egg, whites, cocoa powder, Himalaya, and sea salt and monk fruit. It's absolutely incredible stuff. Speaker 0 00:56:34 If you wanna support my work, that is currently the only way that you can do so. So if you drink protein powder, I encourage you head to fuel your evolution.com. The link will also be in the show notes or check us out on Instagram at ancient strength and consider giving ancestral fuel a try now, back to the show. So what can we do internalize the wellness wheel concept that I brought up a little bit earlier in the show, and that we've returned to a few times, your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental wellness, start to pay attention to all of these areas of your life. Diagnose where the matrix is influencing you and remove those influences. Little by little Dave Ramsey has this debt snowball strategy that he's become famous for where you pay off the smallest debt first, and you move upwards. I would recommend a similar strategy here. Speaker 0 00:57:33 Find low hanging fruit areas where you can quickly and easily remove the influence of the matrix, or at least decrease the influence of the matrix. Delete one streaming service that you currently have that is filling your mind. I should say, with propaganda or with ideas that you don't need to be consuming, decrease usage of all algorithm, driven tools, stop scrolling as much, stop feeding the algorithm. Stop consuming. I have this rule to create more than I consume. Think about applying a similar rule in your life, decrease screen time of any kind and replace it with sun time. Nature is timeless. Get outside rather than in front of your screen. Build deeper relationships in real life. Instead of sending a text message, make a phone call instead of FaceTiming, go to dinner instead of a virtual run, call a friend and go have a real run in the woods. Speaker 0 00:58:38 Trade out digital for analog and begin to watch the matrix's influence. Decrease on your life. Disconnect from media, propaganda and programming. Stop watching as many movies or movies at all. What do you need them for? Go play chess, go read a book, go talk to your spouse. What do you need this media for? And if you do insist that you need it, or you love it, why do you need to consume as much of it as you do? Lastly, create sovereignty in your life becomes self sustained in your work. Are there ways to become independent in your work? Perhaps move to a freelance economy, independent contractor economy start own business, become a creator, become an entrepreneur. There's so many resources out there to help you become an entrepreneur. And by writing your own ticket, you control your work. Do the same with your home. The products that you buy, the way that you structure your day, the technology that you use go to the farmer's market instead of the grocery store, buy a real Berry instead of a Berry flavored cereal. Speaker 0 00:59:49 Start to look at these fake algorithm, driven versions of reality and replace them one by one with something that is real and timeless. So in conclusion, the matrix is real. Whether or not you think that it is it's your choice to take the red pill or the blue pill, but the matrix is affecting you, whether you realize it or not. And in fact, it affects you more than you think that it does, but never forget that you can escape by implementing some of the tools and tactics that we talked about today, as well as many other ideas that other much more brilliant than I human beings have purported and put into the world. We'll talk about so many of these ideas in detail in later episodes of this show. But again, this is a broad stroke introduction to the matrix it's spread, why it matters and what you can do to escape. Speaker 0 01:00:46 So chew on all of these ideas and think about the truth in what I'm saying, test these ideas for yourself, take what I'm saying with a grain of salt and test it, and you will see the truth. So let's talk action items. If you haven't watched episode zero of this show, go back and watch that. But in it, I talk about how the structure of this show will be as such that the end of every episode, I will give you three action items. One thing to start, one thing to stop, and one thing to consider. So what are your action items for today? We've covered a lot and I'm sure for many of you, it's been overwhelming how this conversation's been overwhelming for me. And I'm the one who wrote the outline. So let's bring it down to earth. What can you do with this information today? One thing to start begin doing one thing on paper that you typically do on technology, whether it's planning your day, writing your task list, or sending acute note to your spouse, replace a digital version of something that you do with an analog paper version. Speaker 0 01:02:08 Why tactile feedback has been shown to create physiological changes in your body and connecting to physical reality is one of the best ways to disconnect from the farce of the matrix. So I want you to start doing one thing on paper that you currently do on tech. Now, stop. I want you to do something very simple between now and the next episode of the real LMC. I want you to engage in, in an experiment with me, and I want you to stop watching either all Instagram and Facebook, TikTok stories or Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok reels and clips. I'm not even asking that you choose both. All I'm saying is that if you watch reels, stop watching reels. If you scroll stories, stop scrolling stories. And I'm not even saying that you need to do this forever just between now and two weeks from now, when episode three of the real MC drops, make this one small adjustment and see how it affects your life. Speaker 0 01:03:19 And lastly, one thing to consider, I want you to start considering how outside influences affect you. Even me, even this show, this is an environmental outside influence. You should take everything I say with a grain of salt and do your own damn research. I want you to consider how everything that is in the outside that comes to the inside is affecting you. Whether it's a clip on the news station, a song that gives you an emotion, a movie that gives you an idea or a food that gives you a feeling. I want you to consider how these outside environmental factors are affecting your behavior, the information, you know, the thoughts you think and the emotions that you feel. Speaker 0 01:04:18 So that is it for today's episode of the real LMC. There's a bit of a meandering one. It was a bit messy. I must admit. And I want to thank you for being here and listening to this show. I am not a podcaster. I'm not a philosopher. I'm not a speaker. I'm just a guy and I don't know what I'm doing. And I know that this show could have been a lot more concise than it was. And so I thank you if you've made it all the way to the end for bearing with me, and I promise that as time goes on, I will get better at this. I will get better at articulating my ideas more succinctly and with a more concise language. But I hope that in listening to today's episode of the real LMC, you have been given frameworks, thoughts, tactics, and strategies that will help you to identify the matrix that rules in your life. Speaker 0 01:05:22 And I hope that these ideas and strategies will help you to begin to identify how you can escape the matrix. So in conclusion, the matrix is real, whether or not you want it to be, but you can escape. If you enjoyed today's episode of the real MC like, and follow on Spotify, Google, apple podcasts, and other platforms where this show is available. And if you really like this show, check us out on YouTube at mark Kuda, you can find the link in the show notes. There's a visual version of this show where I actually have the outline of what we're discussing up on the screen for you, beautiful people to peruse through and be able to look at while we're talking. And lastly, head to mark kuda.com and sign up for my weekly private newsletter MC weekly, where I share more thoughts and expand on some of these ideas in a written format. One email weekly, no spam, no agenda, no fluff. And I think you're gonna love it. Thanks for tuning in to today's show. And I'll see you on the next one until then cheers Speaker 1 01:06:30 Rams.

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