July 21, 2022


Welcome To The Real MC

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Mark Cuda
Welcome To The Real MC
The Real MC
Welcome To The Real MC

Jul 21 2022 | 00:08:18


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In this 8-minute introduction, Mark Cuda tells his story and why YOU should listen to The Real MC.

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:02 Welcome to the real MC with your host, mark CUDA, are you the real MC of your life? The master of ceremonies, the creator builder, architect, and driver, or are you a slave to the matrix? What mysteries from our past and visions of our future, can we lean on to unlock paradise? Let's find out and break out together with the ideas, strategies, and tactics to help you live the life you were designed for a life of purpose, prosperity and passion. Tell me what it takes to be in the real welcome to episode zero of the real MC I'm your host, Mark Cuda, a family man, an entrepreneur with a passion for life. I've always asked the big questions. Why are we here? Where are we going? How can I live the life I desire? And most importantly, how can I live a life worth living? Here's a little background on me. Speaker 0 00:01:19 I was raised in a small fundamentalist Christian sect this by very nature, forced me to consider life's big questions at a very young age. And while I will always be grateful for the virtues, morals, values and lessons that I learned in my upbringing, I couldn't help, but search for more. At 22 years old, I left my childhood faith, losing almost everyone that I knew. I bought an RV and traveled throughout north America. Searching for answers that began the journey that I find myself still on today. The journey towards becoming the real MC, the director, the architect, or the creator, the builder of my own life. As a child, I would throw up multiple times a week with no explanation in sight. As a teen, I suffered from chronic anxiety and panic attacks robbing me of the strength I needed to live the life I wanted. Speaker 0 00:02:24 This caused countless issues in my life. And as I got older, my lifelong health issues only worsened. Four years ago. I found myself on the brink suffering from digestive, inflammatory, mental, emotional, and spiritual anguish at the deepest level. My life's experiences as a sick kid, a Christian childhood doorknocker, a husband, father, and startup executive combined with the challenges that I have faced on my journey have forced me to look beyond mainstream and socially accepted ways of thinking healing and being turning to our collective past. I found that ancient wisdom could be fused with modern innovation and that this thought could fuel growth in all areas of life. It is not one or the other, but rather both. I saw that the world that we live in is not what we think that it is rather. It is a matrix, a pattern, a mold that we are placed in from birth and held in until death. Speaker 0 00:03:35 That is unless we take the reins and become the builder, the architect, the master of ceremonies, the MC of our own lives. I am also deeply passionate about practicality. I believe that thoughts and ideas can only take you so far without real action steps that you can take to get from where you are today, to where you need to go. This show lives at the intersection of those ideas and experiences. It's, it's the journal of my exploration through these questions and together, I think that we can find some answers. The premise is simple. We live in a world designed to create docile, mindless sheep, like consumers, who don't won't, or can't think for themselves, create for themselves and live for themselves, their God and their fellow man. But I believe that that paradigm is shifting. I believe that the world is waking up faster than ever. Speaker 0 00:04:47 And this show is my feeble attempt to play my small part in that awakening. Every other Monday at 5:00 AM Eastern, a new episode of the real MC drops. The show will alternate between an interview format and a monologue format with no set length for either each interview will be with a human who I respect care for and believe has wisdom that will better equip you to live the life you were designed for. And every monologue will cover a topic or series of ideas that I believe will do just the same one week. We might speak to a freedom fighting journalist at the front lines of the propaganda war. And the next week we might talk to a musician using their art to heal the world. We will talk religion, politics, sex, morals, values, business art, and more, every show will follow a similar format. Here's how it's gonna work. Speaker 0 00:05:49 At the beginning of each episode, I will briefly preview and introduce the topic and three key ideas that we will discuss. At the end of each episode, we will review these ideas together and I will share with you three action items. One thing to start, one thing to stop. And one thing to consider, I have dreamed of starting this show for over three years, and I am incredibly grateful that the time has finally come for me to have a voice. I will never bend buckle or shy away from speaking what I believe to be truth. And as my opinions, thoughts and perspectives shift, evolve, and grow. So will the words that I speak, I do not claim to be wise. I do not claim to have any answers, but I am on a mission to find them since I was a little boy, I have always asked questions. Speaker 0 00:06:48 So now I have a question for you. Do you want to be the real MC of your life? If so, subscribe to the real MC today on your podcast platform of choice, you can also follow me on Instagram at mark dot Cuda, where I am most active. You could subscribe on YouTube mark Cuda, where I will share full length video versions of this podcast, as well as segments and clips from the key ideas and topics that we discuss that I think you will benefit most from. And if you want to receive my private biweekly newsletter, you could subscribe via [email protected]. The truth is I am not so sure that I deserve a voice, but I am thankful that you are here anyways. I am going on this journey no matter what. And I ask you to join me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to episode zero of the real MC. And if you're ready for more stick around for episode one, where I sit down with my friend business partner, stand up, comedian, YouTube sensation, JP serious. Tell me what it takes cheer.

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